Our campsite is located at the heart of the Albères forest. In this natural surroundings, conservation of environment is one of our principal concern. We take different actions in order to offer you pleasant holiday and always more eco-responsible.

Respect for ecosystems

The preservation of nature is essential.

For all the work done, we have made sure tat each tree is replanted in a new area of the campsite and / or we proceed to the planting of new subjects.

Between each site, we supplement with shrubs and other plants separative hedges to grand you privacy and greenery for your holidays.

A new space behind the sanitary block will be designed under the direction of Béatrice : a Zen garden, where Mediterranean plants will be planted next to a permaculture garden created and maintained by you (under the supervision of our animator).

Water saving

To reduce water consumption, we water resources will also be perceptible with the new sanitary block and the implementation of presto to limit the duration of water flow.

This search for the preservation of water resources will also be perceptible with te new sanitary block and the implementation of presto to limit the duration of water flow.

Finally, campers will have a token drain area to limit water consumption.

Energy saving

Saving energy is also at the heart of our concerns. For this, we have installed motion-sensing solar lights in all the driveways of the campsite and in the sanitary block.

Each mobilhome has a key switch that automatically switches off the lights when you leave your rental.

In addition, all our bulbs are low consumption.


We have also decided to reduce noise pollution to limit its impact and preserve the wildlife of the surrounding forests.

In our entertainment program, some of them aim to make you more aware of the respect for the environment and the steps you can take at home. We offer fun games and workshops, as well as outings to allow you to discover the natural areas of the Pyrénées Orientales.


We choose natural and sustainable materials whenever it is possible, with wooden infrastructures and wood chips for ou playgrounds to limit the ecological impact.

With the exception of the entrance to the campsite, we have chosen to maintain a natural and permeable floor covering to promote rainwater infiltration and limit flooding downstream. In addition, petrochemical materials have a heavy impact on ecosystems.

Cleanning products

In addition to usine pesticides as little as possible, most cleaning products are biological and ecological. They are derived from Green Chemistry and limit their impact on fauna and flora.

Papers savings

At reception, we limit our impressions, we offer correspondence by e-mail and we now use recycled paper sheets to reduce our impact on the planet.


We have created a new sorting area, which is easier for you. For this, we chose to change our bins for semi-buried recycled plastic columns.

In addition, we recycle our batteries and ink cartridges.

We also chose to connect the campsite to a collective sanitation. Thanks to this, wasterwater is sent directly to a treatment center to be treated, which guarantees respect for the environment because, if left untreated, this water could pollute the soil.


The ecological commitments of the campsite are part of a quality approach to preserve our nature and the future of next generations.