Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At the campsite Les Chênes Rouges, we try to ask at all your questions and we regularly updateour Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help you to provide for your holidays at Argeles sur mer.

  • When can I book my stay for 2020 ?

Reservations become available since middle of October 2019. Before, we offer to our loyal clients possibility to pre-book their holidays in our campsite.

  • What is the lenght of opening ?

The campsite open from11th April to 20th September 2020.

  • How can I book ?

You have choice ! You can book by e-mail (to availability of place), by phone or via our reservation website.

  • What language does staff speak ?

A the office, we speak french, english and spanish and we try to understand and deliver the goods.

  • Juveniles alone can book a stay ?

We cannot accept reservation by juveniles without legal representative for security.

  • Calculation of staying capacity take baby into account ?

A child, however the age (from 0 to 17) count for the staying capacity and for security and comfort issue, we cannot permit to take the location if you exceed number maximum.

  • What kind of payment method will be admit ?

During your reservation, you can pay by bank transfer or by credit card (only on the reservation website).

On the spot, you can pay with credit card or cash.

  • Can I pay in several free of charge times ?

We offer your the possibility to stagger payments. For that, you have to contact our receptionists who will be explain you with pleasure the process.

  • When I have to pay the balance of my stay ?

Balance have to be paid a month before your arrival. If you want to pay a part at your arrival, you have to pay 50% of your stay a month before.

  • Can I put a tent next my accommodation ?

For security reasons, we cannot authorized a tent next a mobilhome or a chalet. We have pitch for camping to put your tent. To find the good solution, you can contact our receptionnist.

  • What kind of equipments are inside the accommodation ?

Each accommodation have equipments to cook, pillow and coverage. You can find the details inside each lodging sheet.

We recommend you to take an accommodation with air conditionner.

  • Are they compulsory to suscribe cancellation insurance ?

No, but we recommand to suscribe it. It permit to be repay (except amount of insurance), in different circumstances that you can read here.

  • What is “Choix de l’emplacement garanti” extra ?

If you have indispensable criterias for your accommodation, the number of the pitch or a priority area, we recommand you to pay this extra to ensure  compliance of your requirement. Be careful, this option will be subject to availability !

  • Is cleaning counting when I rent an accommodation ?

No, you have to do it yourseld when you leave your accommodation.

You have the possibility to suscribe Cleaning extra (or cleaning for week-end if you stay shortly).

  • Can I rent sheets ?

You can rent sheets. It is a “real” sheets, our housewife clean to the end of each stay.

You can ask too for bed made on your arrival with the Pack Easy Flower extra.

  • Are pets allowed in the campsite ?

Pets are allowed, however your accommodation. You just have to present pet vaccination record at your arrival.

Only exotic pets and dog of 1st or 2nd class will not be admit in the campsite.

  • Can I become an owner ?

We don’t have pitch available to install your mobil-home and we don’t sell our mobil-homes.

  • At what time can I arrive in the campsite ?

For pitch, you can arrive at 2:00pm. For accommodation, because we have to clean it before, you can arrive at 4:00pm.

If you arrive before, you can come at the office to register you and enter inside the campsite.

If your accommodation / pitch will be available earlier, you can start your stay, without fees.

  • Do I need deposit ?

Yes, 2 deposits for your accommodation : 1 for the bungalow (if you broke it) and an other for the cleaning (you can suscribe cleaning extra).

We ask you a deposit too for the rental of : fridge, planxa extension cord, Euopean adaptator, …

  • At what time do I leave the campsite ?

You have to leave your pitch before midday. For an accommodation, you have to leave before 11:00am to permit our cleaning team to prepare the stay of new holidaymakers.

  • Do I set up a metting for the check-out ?

Our team like to see you a last time before your hit the road, to check if you don’t forget something (blanket, apparel, …). It’s better to set up a metting to leave when you want.

You want to leave earlier ? Our receptionnist team will be explain you how you have to do for a early departure and your deposit will be sent you back after the check out without you.

  • What hours are water park open ?

In low season, water park open at 10:00am to 6:00pm. July and August, it open at 9:00am to 7:00pm. Opening hours may be modified.

The campsite reserved to close the water park for security circumstance (like a storm).

  • Is the water heated ?

Yes, heated to 27°C with heat pump. If climatic conditions is good, we stop the heating.

  • Is the swimming pool watched ?

We don’t have lifeguard to the aquatic park and it’s for that legal representative have to watch juveniles at the swimmingpool.

  • What kind of swimsuits are allowed at the water park ?

Swimsuits trunks for men and one-piece swimsuit, two-pieces swimsuit, trikini for women.

  • Do you offer animation during all the season ?

yes, we have a host from the opening to the closure of the campsite. You can fin idea of program here.

  • When the snack-bar will be open ?

From the middle of June to early September, the snack will be open everyday from 8:00am to 2:00pm and frome 5:00pm to 10:00pm. For the low season, we will announce quickly the schedule.

  • Can we drink cocktail at the bar ?

The snack-bar don’t have strong alcohol licence. Soft coktail with alcool will be proposed in 2020.

Beware, excessive drinking is dangerous for the health ; alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation !

  • How far is the campsite to the beach and to the center of the town ?

Campsite Les Chênes Rouges is at 2km from the center and 4km from the beach. From the middle of June to early of September, a shuttle (little train) bring you twice the day for free.

  • Can I access by bike ?

Yes, with the new bicycle path Eurovelo 8 created in 2020. Beware, Argeles sur mer is between sea and montains, you can have drop.

  • Do you have wifi in the campsite ?

We offer your 30 minutes free at the terrace of the snack. If you want wifi in all the campsite, you have to pay your ticket at the office according to needs of use.

  • What kind of barbecue will be admit ?

For fire security, charcoal barbecue or firewood are banned. Electric or gas barbecue are only allow and you can rent for one day or for the week an electric plancha.

  • Can we have visitors ?

We will be happy that your friends or your family visit you in our campsite.

We remember you visitors cannot access at the water park and have to announce himself at the reception to recover visitor bracelet.

They cannot sleep in the campsite.

  • Is the campsite monitored at night ?

All the year, the campsite is monitored by a guardian. July/August, a security officer is present too to maintain quiet nights to our holidaymakers.

If you have other questions after reading this FAQ, our receptionnist team will be pleasure to help you. For that, you just have to complete this form.

Last updating FAQ : 02/12/2019.