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Collioure is the first step of the rocky coast.

After visiting this colorful and historic city, you can go to Port-Vendres located 15km away from the campsite Les Chênes Rouges. As the name suggests, a marina, fishing and commerce is in the heart of this city. You may be able to discover exceptional ships such as Hermione or Belem or even enjoy the sale of freshly caught fish on the pier or at the auction. Due to the presence of this historic port, many excavations are carried out and all the finds are gathered at the deposit of the excavations.

Arriving in this city, you can discover an obelisk on the market square, a tribute to the monarch Louis XVI. Military city, many buildings are present, either the fort lantern or lighthouse Béar, place where we record the higher wind speeds in the department. The Cove of Paulilles, protected site, is a creek located in the heart of nature where you can swim among the fish. You can discover a piece of history among the gardens and workshops present on the site.

And then Port-Vendres became famous with the film of Les Chevaliers du Fiel titled “Les municipaux” (French movie).

On the continuity you can discover the city of Banyuls-sur-mer, 20km away from the campsite Les Chênes Rouges. With many beaches and coves, this town has a marine nature reserve area jointly with the city of Cerbere.

Dive lovers you can discover a spot in a protected marine environment where the marine fauna and flora is preserved. This city is also known for its vineyards, with vineyards extending in terraces throughout the municipality.

By extending your way on the road to Cerbere and Port-Bou, between sea and mountain, you will arrive in Spain to discover other landscapes and tourist areas.

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