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1)      Booking – Option: You can ask in writing (letter or email) for a booking option. This option can’t last more than 10 days. There will be not always a raise past the time of the option terms. Booking will be effective from the moment you receive a written confirmation (letter or email) and the 30 % advance payment (or entirety payment of your stay if booked within 30 days) + fees (+ optional cancellation insurance) have been payed. During booking, special request may be asked. However, even if our camping commits to give it a special attention, we cannot guarantee to satisfy them. The balance of the stay must be payed a month before your arrival. Booking is nominative and cannot be assign or sublet. Minors must imperatively be accompanied of (one) parents.

2)      Payments and Prices: First payment must be joined with booking contract signed. Others payments must be done at least one month before arrival of the client, recalling client’s references. If you wish to pay for your stay at your arrival, you should have payed 50% of your stay. The campsite accepts payments by cards, cash or transfers. You have the possibility to spread your payment. The amount of pitch rent or accommodation is always given within the stay fees. Prices transmitted by the campsite have no contractual value and can be changed at any moment without notice. The contractual price is the one given during booking. Stay fees are mandatory. The amount is fixed by Argelès-sur-mer commune.

3)      Deposit: Accommodation: At your arrival a 350€ guarantee of restitution in good conditions will be asked. It will be gave back at your leave, after inventory subject any damages or missing objects. An accommodation restitution guarantee which amount is 80€ (60€ if stay last 3 nights or last) will be asked at your arrival and gave back at your leave, after check-outs and subject to correct cleaning. In case of any loss, breakage or deterioration it would be deducts from your deposit. Prices matches with the materials and equipment available at reception. Other rentals: A deposit will be asked for any material rent (ex: baby kit, television…). Amounts are fixed according to material value and there are available at reception.

4)      Length of stay: Accommodation: During high season, rent is available for a minimum period of one week, or 7 nights (Saturday-Saturday/ Wednesday-Wednesday). During low season, rent is available for a minimum period of 2 nights. Pitch are available to rent for a one night stay.

5)      Arrival / Departure: Neither arrival or departure can be done outside the reception opening hours, except with special agreement from the administrator or his representative. Accommodation: Arrival for accommodation rent start at 3:00 p.m. Accommodation must be free at 11:00 a.m. Pitch: Arrival at pitch start at 3:00p.m. Pitch must be free at 12:00a.m. Delays: In case of any delays at your arrival, clients are pleased to inform camping reception at: After 24 hours, if you have not informed your delay, accommodation could be rent to someone else, except major circumstances.

6)      Modifications / Cancellations / Early Departures: Modifications: Any changes should be inform previously by writing or it would only be possible after agreement from the administrator or his representative. Cancellation Insurance: Cancellation insurance is highly recommended. Before subscription, we invite you to read the conditions and terms of Gritchen Affinity for the contract « Campez Couvert » ( Cancellation: Any cancellation should be informed by letter with acknowledgement receipt and will be taking effect from the reception day. If you did not subscribe insurance, amounts payed will be lost. If you did subscribe, you will have to provide the company all the documents needed for refund. Early Departure: Any early departure from the date provided during booking will not allow you any refund as much for accommodation as for pitch.

7)      Domestic Animal: Only one domestic animal by accommodation is allowed generating extra charge/night. 1st and 2nd type’s dogs are forbidden as for exotics pets. Vaccination book up to date must be presented as for insurance certificate. Animals cannot be left alone at the accommodation and should always be kept on a leash. Animals have no access to the pool and sanitary. Owners must pick up the dirt and respect cleanliness.

8)      Troubles and Nuisances – Procedure rules: Every occupant is responsible for troubles and nuisances caused by the persons which are staying at their accommodation. In case of nuisances or troubles, it could result with the end of contract without compensations, and without prejudice for claiming reparations the campsite or third parts could argue. The wearing of the bracelet is mandatory. Any breach of procedures rules, or pool rules could result by the expulsion of the camping. Charcoal barbecue and fire are strictly forbidden.

9)      Security: Accommodation cannot be occupied by more person than it is allowed. Pitch cannot be occupied by more than 6 persons. In case of abusive occupation, it could result with the end of contract without compensations, and without prejudice for claiming reparations the campsite or third parts could argue.

10)  Security Camera: We inform you that this establishment is placed under security camera to guarantee security, find the offenses and control entrances and exits. Images are for staff. For any information, you can contact with reception where you can exercise your right to access images concerning yourself. It will be kept 14 days in accordance with the law « Informatique et Libertés ».

11)  Right to Image: During your stay, you might be photographed or filmed for conception or realisation of our advertising brochures, without compensation, except if you specify by writing at the reception at your arrival.

12)  Right to Retract: In accordance to the article L121-20-4 from « Code de la consommation », the right to retract is not relevant for accommodation and leisure activities provided on a specified date or period.

13)  Processing Personal Data: In accordance to the regulation of UE 2016/679 from Parlement Européen and Conseil of 27 Avril 2016 concerning physical person’s protection against process of personal data and free traffic of this data, and repealing the directive 95/46/CE concerning the general data protection, personal data will be kept throughout all the period of the commercial relationship. Informations will be kept for a 3 years period for prospects and at the end of commercial relationship. Bank data are only kept during the transaction. According to « Loi informatique et libertés du 6 Janvier 1978 », you have the right to query, access, modify, oppose and rectify personal data about yourself. By accepting these terms and conditions of sale, you consent to let us collecting and using this data for the realization of this contract. By registering your e-mail address on our site, you accept to receive emails containing information and promotional offers about our establishment. You can unsubscribe at any time. Just click on the link at the end of our e-mails or contact Camping Les Chênes Rouges. We perform on our entire site a follow-up of attendance. For this we use tools such as Google Analytics.

14)  Mediator: According to the article « L612-1 du Code de la consommation », every client of the campsite has the right to have free use of a consumer mediator for the amicable resolution of a dispute with the operator of the land. The details of the consumer mediator that the customer can enter are the following: MEDICYS – 73 Boulevard de Clichy – 75009 Paris – –

15)  Applicable law: All the clauses appearing in these general conditions of sale, as well as all the operations of purchase and sale which are referred to it will be subjected to the French right.

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