2017 is coming to an end, a year rich in emotions, but it is not one the season that ends, it is also the page of Camping Le Romarin which is turning to make room for a new era, already punctuated by a change of owners.

Thus, Camping Le Romarin is a beauty, both by the work that by its new name : “Les Chênes Rouges”

It seemed essential to rename the establishment to mark the change, while maintaining a campsite that will remain calm and natural as you may already know.


Above all, this name refers to the cork oak forest present in the campsite and the Albères massif in the Pyrénées Orientales (unlike the rosemary trees, which do not grow naturally in the town of Argeles-Sur-mer). These trees have a perculiaritu : when the bark (cork) is harvested, the wood then takes on an ocher color before rapidly changing to red on a set of variations.


That’s why we will regularly harvest cork. This can only be done during the months of June and July, every 3 years.

There will be regular entertainment for all ages, so stay tuned, many surprises awaits you !