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The city is 45 minutes away from campsite, it is cultural and natural heritage. For hikers and nature lovers, you may lose yourself in the highness cliffs of gorges de la fou. These are the narrowest gorges in the world and they are filled with history and legends with witches and other mystical creatures. With protected footbridges, the whole family will be able to discover this space where imagination mixes with history and geology.

Regarding the historical heritage, you can visit the Sainte Marie abbey, Carolingian building. Inside you can discover an organ of the eighteenth century. There is also the church Saint Sauveur dating from the 12th century only open for concerts or religious events. You can also see the Sainte Croix church or the Saint Pierre du Riuferrer church (these buildings are closed to the public).

Artists and artisans have also chosen the city of Arles sur tech to present various workshops in an old weaving factory. In addition, weaving is a key element of this town, with the former Museum of Catalan Weaving.

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